Volchaozar                                                                                                                                                         Volcanic Pokemon                                                                                                                                                                     Fire/Dark

Evolves from Volcocoon at level 48 and is the final form of Volarvae.

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Artwork by *Marix20

Physiology Edit

Volchaozor is a bipedal reptilian in appearance colored mostly red and orange. It has blue and black highlights on the tip of its tail. Its neck has yellow spiked hair. Its pupil is blue and on the top of its nose is a crescent-like red crest. Its legs and arms are partly black with red flame patterns. Its armpits are blue, the nose is black, the neck is red, and its body is orange with red extending from the chest to the tail, leaving the chest with a pattern.                                      


Volchaozor are extremely dangerous in the wild, acting very ferocious and using deadly attacks. Common moves wild Volchaozor use are Earthquake, Blast Burn, Eruption, and Foul Play. Volchaozar can be found in Route 167 and Route 124. Because of their natural behavior, Volchaozor are very hard to tame. Though, once tamed, Volchaozor are known to be very loyal and kind to their trainer.

In The AnimeEdit

Riker is shown to have a Volchaozor in Episode 57, Volcanic Panic!, but his is untame. Gym Leader Bryke is shown to have a tamed Volchaozor, which Myrose's Roarocean loses to, despite having the type advantage. Prof. Bonsai has been attacked by a Volchaozor, shown in a flashback in Episode 73, Battling Bryke!

In The MangaEdit

In the Manga, Satao's Volchaozor is shown to have a fun, cheery, and carefree attitude. Damentoro's Volchaozor, (Satao's rival) is mean, bullying Satao's Panboo and Jablitz. In Sakuro Mancki! Pokemon Dream Team! a Volchaozor is shown ruining the Goldenberg Diner.

Powerdex EntryEdit

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