Samson Joshua Black was the Avatar of Trehemorth and a traveling companion and close friend of Andy and Violet on their first Pokemon journey. His presumed death years before the start of Pokemon: Iron and Copper has taken a psychological toll on both Andy and Violet, and strengthened Andy's desire to protect Lapis Lazuli at all costs and by any means.

Samson Black


17 (at death)



Eye Colors

Green, red when agitated, and white when in Avatar state


Formerly Argent Town


Western Kroel


Lapis Lazuli and Andy Tempest(siblings by spirit)

Trainer Class

Pokémon Trainer/Legendary Avatar

Avatar of



Deceased (?)

In Pokémon: Iron and CopperEdit

Samson's history before his life at the Pokémon Science and Technology Academy has not been disclosed by FawkestheSkarmory. What is known is that of the Avatars of the Dominion Triad, he would have been the eldest of the three. He was the second of the Triad to discover his abilities, and the one who had the most problems in controlling them. This may have led to his death; during Andrew's first Pokémon journey along with Violet. Not much is known about this encounter, though in Sparring up a Storm, Violet reveals to Lapis that he sacrificed himself to Pokémon Hunter Alex and bloodbender henchmen. It can be presumed that all of his Pokémon were stolen and sold off for profit afterwards.

He was described as one of the more fun-loving members of the group, much akin to James Potter from the Harry Potter series. This stands in stark contrast to Trehemorth's personality, and led to much disagreement during training.

As an AvatarEdit

Samson was the Avatar of Trehemorth, the Wasteland Pokémon. His Avatar form has only been shown in flashbacks in Sparring up a Storm and his full Avatar form has yet to be seen. This may be due to the fact that he did not have his powers fully under control at first so was unable to manifest a full Avatar state.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




  • On his dA page, darksilvania made a joking comment about Trehemorth, which could explain why Samson failed to master his powers fully:
    • XD believe it, he has no much patient, he just want to destroy everything that lives in land, if he see you, he will stomp you [sic]
    • This would imply that Trehemorth did not have much patience for the human Avatar he chose/was given and