Here is an index of Powermon that shows name, type, species, habitat, weakness, number, Powermon ability, evolution method, what it replaces and what generation it is from. This will help everyone to understand Powermon much better..


Note: Powermon in boldface are legendaries. Powermon in italics are starters.

Name Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Species Habitat Ability Evolution Method Replacement For #


Grass Rock Plate Plains Overgrow Level up Bulbasaur 001
Ampelore Grass Rock Rock Armor Plains Overgrow Level up Ivysaur 002
Bronolyth Grass Rock Megalithic Plains Overgrow Venusaur 003
Blazard Fire Steel Heated Mountains Blaze Level up Charmander 004
Raptorch Fire Steel Propulsion Mountains Blaze Level up Charmeleon 005
Pyrex Fire Steel Combustion Mountains Blaze Charizard 006
Marigne Water Dark Murky Swamp Torrent Level up Squirtle 007
Seanister Water Dark Black Lagoon Swamp Torrent Level up Wartortle 008
Atrocean Water Dark Marine Monster Swamp Torrent Blastoise 009
Castigyan Bug Bone Forest Shed Skin Level up Caterpie 010
Achorno Bug Skull Forest Shed Skin Level up Metapod 011
Atroponth Bug Ghost Skeleton Forest Retribution Buterfree 012
Fieruga Bug Dragon Larvae Mountain Shed Skin/Flash Fire Level up Weedle 013
Scarabomb Bug Dragon Cocoon Mountain Shed Skin/Flash Fire Level up Kakuna 014
Ignisect Bug Fire Dragonfly Mountain Air Boost/Flash Fire Beedrill 015
Fralioss Flying Light Community Beach Religion Level up Pidgey 016
Cardinoss Flying Light Hiearchy Beach Religion Level up Pidgeotto 017
Alpatrioss Flying Light Patriarch Beach Religion Pidgeot 018
Anteanee Normal Anteater Jungle Run Away Level up Ratatta 019
Titantear Normal Giant Anteater Jungle Run Away Raticate 020
Vulrrion Flying Dark Scavenger Urban Immunity Level up Spearow 021
Condread Flying Dark Ghoulish Urban Immunity Fearow 022
Vypethon Poison Dark Big Snake Jungle Intimidate/Shed Skin Level up Ekans 023
Predakonda Poison Dark Giant Snake Jungle Intimidate/Shed Skin Arbok 024
Lepox Electric Fighting Bolt Plains Static Thunder stone Pikachu 025
Thundare Electric Fighting Lightning Plains Static Raichu 026
Anklub Ground Steel Hammer Mountain Sand Veil/Sturdy Level up Sandshrew 027
Ankrash Ground Steel Morning Star Mountain Sand Veil/Sturdy Sandslash 028
Egyptra (F) Poison Asp Desert Poison Point Level up Nidoran (F) 029
Kobriestis Poison Ground Cobra Desert Poison Point Nidorina 030
Nefertoxic Poison Ground Queen Desert Royalty Nidoqueen 031
Egyptra (M) Poison Asp Desert Poison Point Level up Nidoran (M) 032
Kobriest Poison Ground Cobra Desert Poison Point Nidorino 033
Pharaoxic Poison Ground Pharaoh Desert Royalty Nidoking 034
Saucika Psychic Steel Tripod Space Lunar Power Clefairy 035
Rossika Psychic Steel Invader Space Lunar Power Clefable 036
Cromail Flying Fire Primary Mountain Rainbow Vulpix 037
Prismowl Flying Fire Rainbow Mountain Rainbow Ninetails 038
Frogaloon Normal Flying Floater Pond Air Boost Jigglypuff 039
Bucefaloon Fighting Flying Bull Fighter Pond Air Boost Wigglytuff 040
Batilion Poison Flying Vampire Bat Cave Impluse Level up Zubat 041
Drampire Poison Flying Vampire Reptile Cave Impulse Golbat 042
Ivrout Grass Weed Forest Chlorophyll Level up Oddish 043
Ivrite Grass Child Weed Forest Chlorophyll Gloom 044
Ivaron Grass Electric Charged Weed Forest Chlorophyll Vileplume 045
Woodug Bug Grass Leaf Bug Forest Camouflage Level up Paras 046
Leefsect Bug Grass Stick Bug Forest Camouflage Parasect 047
Smug Bug Poison Toxic Cockroach Urban Pollution Level up Venonat 048
Smokroach Bug Poison Hazardous Cockroach Urban Pollution Venomoth 049
Leonant Ground Bug Antlion Desert Arena Trap Level up Diglett 050
Arachunap Ground Steel Ground Spider Desert Arena Trap Dugtrio 051
Bastine Normal Dark Desert Cat Desert Pickup Level up Meowth 052
Basthera Normal Dark Panther Desert Pickup Persian 053
Dolphind Water Psychic Smart Ocean Echolocation Level up Psyduck 054
Cetaichic Water Psychic Intelligent Ocean Echolocation Golduck 055
Vooduel Ghost Fighting Corpse Urban Linger/Intimidate Level up Mankey 056
Judorpse Ghost Fighting Zombie Urban Linger/Intimidate Primeape 057
Fortrius Fire Dark Two Face Mountain Flash Fire/Intimidate Growlithe 058
Hellberus Fire Dark Hellhound Mountain Flash Fire/Intimidate Arcanine 059
Sireon Water Aquatic Pond Water Absorb Level up Poliwag 060
Newtox Water Poison Toxic Pond Water Absorb Poliwhirl 061
Salandriax Water Poison Giant Pond Abrasive Poliwrath 062
Dinange Psychic Dark Dread Urban Phobia Level up Abra 063
Eniange Psychic Dark Terror Urban Phobia Kadabra 064
Arfobiange Psychic Dark Horror Urban Phobia Alakazam 065
Gladiacus Fighting Steel Arena Urban No Guard Level up Machop 066
Maximacus Fighting Steel Colosseum Urban No Guard Machoke 067




Fighting Electric




Urban Iron Punch Machamp 068
Bloomort Grass Ghost Baby Root Forest Level up Bellsprout 069
Mandrose Grass Ghost Young Root Forest Weepinbell 070
Soragora Grass Ghost Mandragora Forest Victribell 071
Skurviner Water Ghost Shipwreck Ocean Level up Tentacool 072
Nautraskull Water Ghost Ghost Ship Ocean Tentacruel 073
Cyclolumn Rock Ground Ruin Mountain Impervious Level up Geodude 074
Cyclower Rock Ground Stronghold Mountain Impervious Trade Graveler 075
Cyclosseum Rock Ground Titan Mountain Impervious Golem 076
Deerie Ghost Fire Skeleton Forest Level up Ponyta 077
Skeleteer Ghost Fire Carcass Forest Rapidash 078
Goater Water Psychic Water-Goat Ocean Level up Slowpoke 079
Aquornious Water Psychic Ocean-Goat Ocean Slowbro 080
Amberite Electric Rock


Mountain Level up Magnemite 081
Electrite Electric Rock Amber Statue Mountain Magneton 082
Combageon Flying Fighting Knight Mountain Farfetch'd 083
Dodax Steel Dodo Plains Level up Doduo 084
Toritan Steel Terror Bird Plains Dodrio 085
Leoneal Ice Water Cold Seal Tundra Level up Seel 086
Elephoreal Ice Steel Artic Elephant Tundra Dewgong 087
Wastory Poison Steel Hazard Urban Level up Grimer 088
Polustrial Poison Steel Toxic Urban Muk 089
Parrumine Water Rock Parrot Fish Ocean Level up Shellder 090
Lumingler Water Ice Ice Crystal Ocean Cloyster 091
Phancuff Ghost Steel Prisoner Urban Level up Gastly 092
Phenitent Ghost Steel Shackle Urban Haunter 093
Phalcatraz Ghost Steel Gaol Urban Gengar 094
Petracoatl Rock Dragon Stone Dragon Jungle Onix 095
Ramiette Fire Psychic Ram Volcano Level up Drowzee 096
Ariellord Fire Psychic Aries Volcano Hypno 097
Crustrazr Water Steel Cutting Beach Level up Krabby 098
Carciotres Water Steel Shredding Beach Kingler 099
Bulbugh Electric Bug Bulb spider Urban Level up Voltorb 100
Lanterpion Electric Bug Lamp Scorpion Urban Electrode 101
Bandactus Grass Dark Cactus Thief Desert Exeggecute 102
Sahuandolero Grass Dark Sahuaro Thief Desert Exeggutor 103
saband Ground Ghost Mummy Desert Level up Cubone 104
tutankoff Ground Ghost Royal Corpse Desert Marowak 105
Steeleg Steel Fighting Power Kick Urban Hitmonlee 106
Metalarm Steel Fighting Power Punch Urban Hitmonchan 107
Eukoalypt Grass Normal Marsupial Forest Lickitung 108
Genieam Poison Psychic Desert Level up Koffing 109
D'hashinn Poison Light Desert Weezing 110
Porkoal Ground Fire Mountain Level up Rhyhorn 111
Calydoar Rock Fire Mountain Rhydon 112
Salemitch Psychic Dark Urban Chansey 113
Caimarsh Grass Water Swamp Tangela 114
Jhekyllide (Jekyll Form) Normal Psychic Urban Kangaskhan 115
Jhekyllide (Hyde Form) Normal Fighting Urban Kangaskhan 115
Ticuda Water Ocean Level up Horsea 116
Bicuda Water Ocean Seadra 117
Leonish Water Poison Ocean Level up Goldeen 118
Empeleoxin Water Poison Ocean


Divug Water Steel Ocean Level up Staryu 120
Fountarius Water Steel Ocean Starmie 121
Phantomime Psychic Ghost Urban Mr. Mime 122
Entormal Bug Steel Forest Scyther 123
Gorgenom Psychic Poison Mountain Jynx 124
Tigarx Electric Steel Spark Tiger Plains Electabuzz 125
Kyuburst Fire Ghost Urban Magmar 126
Shokarab Electric Bug Forest Pinsir 127
Tauromanox Fighting Normal Guardian Ox Urban Tauros 128
Oseish Water Rock Ocean Level up Magikarp 129
Femurious Water Dragon Ocean Gyarados 130
Loknes Water Dragon Ocean Lapras 131
Hydraghing Steel Water Urban Ditto 132
Tortevo Normal Evolution Urban stone Eevee 133
Reefortle Water Ghost Coral Reef Ocean Vaporeon 134
Voltortle Electric Steel Voltage Urban Jolteon 135
Krakartle Fire Rock Volcano Volcano Flareon 136
Speirus Electric Ghost Error Urban Porygon 137
Tegrane Rock Fire Grenade Volcano Level up Omanyte 138
Ketratank Rock Fire Army Volcano Omastar 139
Hadrazor Rock Steel Blade Plains Level up Kabuto 140
Parazword Rock Steel Sword Plains Kabutops 141
Primigon Rock Dragon Ancestor Mountain Levitate/Anger Point Aerodactyl 142
Zombestein Normal Ghost Urban


Neveinx Ice Flying Sphinx Tundra


Griffolt Electric Flying Griffin Mountain Zapdos 145
Arsecore Fire Flying Manticore Volcano Moltres 146
Dravern Dragon Dark Mountain Level up Dratini 147
Wickern Dragon Dark Mountain Level up Dragonair 148
Wyferno Dragon Dark Mountain Dragonite 149
Nosferatwo Dark Forest Mewtwo 150
Svalad Dark Forest Mew 151
Grassian Grass Forest Overgrow Level up Chikorita 152
Abolimp Grass Fighting Forest Overgrow Level up Bayleef 153
Bamboon Grass Fighting Forest Overgrow Meganium 154
Devimp Fire Fire Soul Mountain Blaze Level up Cyndaquil 155
Erestas Fire Dark Fire Demon Mountain Blaze Level up Quilava 156
Luciferno Fire Dark Fire Lord Mountain Blaze Typhlosion 157
Makoy Water Shark Fin Ocean Torrent Level up Totodile 158
Tigrism Water Ground Shark Bite Ocean Torrent Level up Croconaw 159
Carcharake Water Ground WhiteShark Ocean Torrent Feraligatr 160
Gerbur Normal Ice Tundra Level up Sentret 161
Skarfink Normal Ice Tundra Furret 162
Ghowl Flying Ghost Tundra Level up Hoothoot 163
Tytowlade Flying Ghost Tundra Noctowl 164
Nymphust Bug Flying Jumping Forest Level up Ledyba 165
Plagust Bug Flying Devestation Forest Ledian 166
Tarantidow Bug Poison Forest Level up Spinarak 167
Teraphula Bug Poison Forest Arados 168
Dragula Poison Dragon Vampire Dragon Cave Impulse Crobat 169
Ouroboit Electric Water Ocean Static/Swift Swim Level up Chinchou 170
Courobolt Electric Water Ocean Static/Swift Swim Lanturn 171
Thunbun Electric Spark Plains Static Pichu 172
Eespee Psychic Steel Space Cleffa 173
Tadpoloon Normal Flying Pond Igglybuff 174
Fetolus Normal ??? Urban Transmutation Togepi 175
Homoform Normal ??? Urban Transmutation Togetic 176
Illbis Poison Flying Urban Level up Natu 177
Vermingo Poison Flying Urban Xatu 178
Ravial Electric Lightningrod River Level up Mareep 179
Gariawat Electric Dragon Conductor River Level up Flaafy 180
Gangerial Electric Dragon Superconductor River Ampharos 181


Grass Light Forest Bellossom 182
Lupaneer Water Dark Pirate Ocean Level up Marill 183
Timbalico Water Dark Captain Ocean Azumarill 184
Thornevil Rock Poison Thorn Desert Sudowoodo 185
Azolteca Water Light Desert Politoed 186
Pinnay Grass Ground Mountain Level up Hoppip 187
Asnnata Grass Rock Mountain Level up Skiploom 188
Alumillion Grass Steel Mountain Jumpluff 189
Volarimp Normal Flying Winged Monkey Mountain Frenzy Aipom 190
Lollidona Grass Poison Attractive Forest Sunkern 191
Bellustona Grass Poison Lust Forest Sunflora 192
Isanimph Bug Psychic Forest Yanma 193
Belugham Ice Water White Tundra Level up Wooper 194
Narvharil Ice Water Drill Tundra Quagsire 195
Gryphortle Psychic Dragon Mountain Espeon 196
Coatortle Dark Poison Cave Umbreon 197
Glitoven Dark Flying Urban Murkrow 198
Caphydring Water Psychic Ocean Slowking 199
Zugarull Ghost Urban Misdreavus 200
Virtizuz Light Virtue Urban Unown 201
Mirridiel Steel Dark Pride Urban Wobbuffet 202
Amphigolb Rock Psychic Duality Plains Girafarig 203
Gremothin Bug Dark Urban Level up Pineco 204
Momorotha Bug Dark Urban Foretress 205
Fanbbeloki Dragon Normal Forest Dunsparce 206
Frimbella Flying Ground Gliding Desert Gligar 207
Auretzal Steel Dragon Forest Steelix 208
Lablack Dark Black Lab Urban Level up Snubbull 209
Licab Dark Fighting Black Werewolf Forest Granbull 210
Flamuska Water Poison Sanguineous Ocean Swift Swim/Poison Point Qwilfish 211
Entomight Bug Steel Forest Scizor 212
Terrapede Rock Bug Centipede Underground Shuckle 213
Skydro Water Bug River Heracross 214
Bactiruz Poison Ice Urban Sneasel 215
Devourut Rock Water River Level up Teddiursa 216
Juggermmut Rock Water River Ursaring 217
Incinerage Fire Fighting Angry Urban Level up Slugma 218
Wratitan Fire Fighting Wrath Urban Magcargo 219
Hyelid Ice Electric Tundra Level up Swinub 220
Frigyena Ice Electric Tundra Piloswine 221
Nauframmo Steel Water Ocean Corsola 222
Vampiru Water Dark River Swift Swim Level up Remoraid 223
Tentorrage Water Dark Ocean Suction Cups Octillery 224
Santiklos Ice Ghost Tundra Delibird 225
Oragonzen Water Fire Host Steam Mountain Steam Power Mantine 226
Syrenney Water Flying Siren Ocean Water Veil Skarmory 227
Tasminivil Fire Aggressive Forest Fiery Passion Level up Houndour 228
Tyslagris Fire Poison Combustion Forest [Firey Passion] Houndoom 229
Dracuda Water Dragon Ocean Kingdra 230
Bullectric Electric Ground Plains Static/Lightningrod Level up Phanphy 231
Zeurino Electric Ground Taurus Plains Static/Lightningrod Donphan 232
Speirus X Electric Ghost Error Urban Download Porygon2 233
Wolverusk Dark Steel Predator Forest Stantler 234
Boteroil Poison Normal Urban Smeargle 235
Maniong Steel Fighting Urban Tyrogue 236
Rotonze Steel Fighting Urban Hitmontop 237
Meduzard Psychic Poison Gorgon Mountain Smoochum 238
Felinolt Electric Spark Kitten Mountain Elekid 239
Cubire Fire Urban Magby 240
Fyobergegg Light Rock Steel Urban Miltank 241
Morgadame Psychic Dark Urban Blissey 242
Garaday Electric Dragon Mountain Raikou 243
Spyraco Fire Dragon Volcano Entei 244
Arkorion Ice Dragon Tundra Suicune 245


Rock Ground Urban Level up Larvitar 246
Catedoyle Rock Flying Urban Level up Pupitar 247
Notredoyle Rock Dragon Urban Tyranitar 248
Hatoom Ice Dark Space Lugia 249
Loskoll Ice Fire Space Ho-oh 250
Crossoton Grass Light Forest Celebi 251
Chalebra Grass Forest Overgrow Level up Treecko 252
Coralebra Grass Dark Forest Overgrow Level up Grovyle 253
Chamulebro Grass Dark Forest Overgrow Sceptile 254
Kakapum Fire Flying Jungle Blaze Level up Torchick 255
Magmakao Fire Flying Jungle Blaze Level up Combusken 256
Krakatoo Fire Dragon Tropic Dragon Jungle Blaze Blaziken 257
Hiponea Water Sea Horse Ocean Torrent Level up Mudkip 258
Ripocamp Water Steel Hippocampus Ocean Torrent Level up Marshtomp 259
Distillion Water Steel Marine Beast Ocean Torrent Swampert 260
Chiuahuark Dark Chihuahua Urban Level up Poochyena 261
Xolombrius Dark Ghost Urban Mightyena 262
Animaus Dark Light Urban Level up Zigzagoon 263
Gatoon Dark Light Urban Linoone 264
Eclipillar Bug Forest Level up Wurmple 265
Soloon Bug Light Forest Level up Silcoon 266
Helioxine Bug Light Forest Beautifly 267
Shelluna Bug Dark Forest Level up Cascoon 268
Seleneon Bug Dark Forest Level up Dustox 269
Cactalf Grass Plains Level up Lotad 270
Nuppalo Grass Rock Plains Lombre 271
Kacson Grass Rock Plains Ludicolo 272
Ritualask Grass Ghost Forest Level up Seedot 273
Shamystim Grass Psychic Forest Nuzleaf 274
Totemage Grass Light Forest Shiftree 275
Fhuriegle Flying Steel Steel Eagle Urban Keen Eye/Sturdy Level up Taillow 276
Staglaizer Flying Steel Symbolic Bird Urban Keen Eye/Sturdy Swellow 277
Seahick Flying Water Marine Chick Ocean Swift Swim Level up Wingull 278
Atrimawk Flying Water Sea Breeze Ocean Swift Swim Pelipper 279
Bearubin Light Urban Level up Ralts 280
Prangel Light Urban Level up Kirlia 281
Ladriel Light Psychic Urban Gardevoir 282
Viperuga Bug Poison Pond Level up Surskit 283
Mimigon Bug Dragon Pond Masquerain 284
Lizhroom Grass Dragon Forest Level up Shroomish 285
Fungila Grass Dragon Forest Breloom 286
Monkhing Rock Fighting Jungle Level up Skakoth 287
Chimpist Rock Fighting Jungle Level up Vigoroth 288
Gotrerape Rock Fighting Jungle Slaking 289
Larvarant Bug Ground Forest Level up Nincada 290
Mantarachne Bug Fighting Forest Ninjask 291
Waspiornet Bug Flying Forest Shedinja 292
Chesirrity Psychic Urban Level up Whismur 293
Fhelire Psychic Light Forest Level up Loudred 294
Chesiroom Psychic Dark Forest Exploud 295
Walabox Fighting Desert Fistcuffs Makuhita 296
Brangaroo Fighting Poison Desert Fistcuffs Hariyama 297
Bucanine Water Ocean Azurril 298
Volcolop Rock Psychic Volcano Nosepass 299
Aznebra Steel Normal Plains Endurance Skitty 300
Debronkyz Steel Normal Plains Endurance Delcatty 301
Natchop Ghost Steel Urban Sableye 302
Flagadam Steel Urban Sturdy Mawile 303
Coppir Steel Forest Battle Armor Aron 304
Alloceros Steel Forest Battle Armor Lairon 305
Maharafant Steel Forest Battle Armor Aggron 306
Scalite Light Fighting Balance Urban Meditite 307
Equilibra Light Fighting Libra Urban Medicham 308
Echneeda Electric Forest Electrochemistry Electrike 309
Destaquina Electric Poison Forest Electrochemistry Manectric 310
Geminas Electric Light Urban Plusle 311
Geminus Electric Dark Urban Minun 312
Alcapolink Poison Fire Urban Volbeat 313
Stiletriz Poison Ice Urban Illumise 314
Blazetia Grass Fire Forest Roselia 315
Cardiohlu Poison Ghost Urban Gulpin 316
Infargeist Poison Ghost Urban Swalot 317
Baskualon Water Ghost Ocean Carvanha 318
Glutarkean Water Ghost Ocean Sharpedo 319
Batiscuba Water Steel Ocean Wailmer 320
Suborca Water Steel Ocean Wailord 321
Fllama Fire Hot Volcano Numel 322
Incalperor Fire Ground Burning Wool Volcano Camerupt 323
Blaurigaze Fire Ghost Rider Urban Torkoal 324
Peekypeeky Psychic Forest Spoink 325
Psikopsiko Psychic Dark Forest Grumpig 326
Skulex Poison Forest Spinda 327
Fasug Bug Poison Urban Trapinch 328
Chesegon Dragon Poison Urban Vibrava 329
Xenhagon Dragon Dark Urban Flygon 330
Chillizrd Grass Fire Desert Cacnea 331
Ajipotle Grass Fire Desert Cacturne 332
Paperrot Flying Urban Swablu 333
Cranigami Flying Urban Altaria 334
Galludight Fighting Steel Urban Zangoose 335
Draizelisk Dragon Poison Forest Seviper 336
Velodite Rock Water Space Lunatone 337
Marfaires Rock Fire Space Solrock 338
Cavernole Ground Dark Underground Barboach 339
Subterosco Ground Dark Underground Whiscash 340
Electrab Water Electric River Crab Ocean Corphish 341
Corivancer Water Electric Cancer Ocean Crawdaunt 342
Fairiqui Ground Psychic Doll Mountain Baltoy 343
Vermilus Ground Psychic Virgo Mountain Claydol 344
Lazold Rock Grass Moss Sloth Forest Lileep 345
Mossiloth Rock Grass Great Sloth Forest Cradily 346
Elephrost Rock Ice Tundra Anorith 347
Mastonberg Rock Ice Tundra Armaldo 348
Dugly Flying Water Pond Feebas 349
Eleswant Dragon Light Lake Milotic 350
Galacttle (First Quarter) Psychic Rock Forest Castform 351
Galacttle (New Moon) Dark Rock Forest Castform 351
Galacttle (Last Quarter) Ghost Rock Mountain Castform 351
Galacttle (Full Moon) Light Rock Mountain Castform 351
Iguaneleon Dragon Fighting Forest Keckleon 352
Lantukin Ghost Fire Forest Shuppet 353
Jumpokisp Ghost Fire Forest Banette 354
Horrobogy Ghost Dark Urban Duskull 355
Monstrogart Ghost Dark Urban Dusclops 356
Cizarpy Grass Flying Harpy Jungle Chlorophyll/Hyper Cutter Tropius 357
Lumicense Light Fire Urban Chimecho 358
Arkamera Dark Mountain Anticipation Absol 359
Handirror Steel Dark Reflecting Urban Reflection Wynaut 360
Jackartic Ice Psychic Tundra Snorunt 361
Alaskalope Ice Psychic Tundra Glalie 362
Articub Ice Tundra Ice Body Spheal 363
Ursolar Ice Tundra Ice Body Sealeo 364
Polanoir Ice Dark Arctic Night Tundra Ice Body Walrein 365
Oceangel Light Psychic Ocean Clampearl 366
Angeliscis Light Psychic Ocean Huntail 367
Angisciark Light Ghost Ocean Gorebyss 368
Megarmada Steel Water Predator Ocean Relicanth 369
Octanoleo Poison Fire Oil Spill Ocean Oil Skin Luvdisc 370
Prototop Dragon Mountain Bagon 371
Bossosor Dragon Mountain Shelgon 372
Tricegazor Dragon Mountain Salamence 373
Torchaun Fire Steel Space Beldum 374
Ballestyr Fire Steel Space Metang 375
Centagirow Fire Steel Space Metagross 376
Sultaranta Bug Rock Desert Regirock 377
Soleomoth Bug Ice Tundra Regiice 378
Czarzzazin Bug Steel Mountain Registeel 379
Rajun Dragon Electric Ocean Latias 380
Raykon Dragon Steel Ocean Latios 381
Leviathide Water Dragon Maelstrom Ocean Downpour None Kyogre 382
Trehemorth Ground Dragon Wasteland Desert Desertification None Groudon 383
Zizclone Flying Dragon Tempest Mountain Hurricane Dance None Rayquaza 384
Auroreon Ice Ice Tundra Jirachi 385
Astronox Dark Deoxys 386
Hauntree Grass Ghost Forest Overgrow Turtwig 387
Decapitree Grass Ghost Forest Overgrow Grotle 388
Arbolahan Grass Ghost Forest Overgrow Torterra 389
Dragorsy Fire Forest Blaze Chimchar 390
Kirigon Fire Light Forest Blaze Monferno 391
Dekireus Fire Light Forest Blaze Infernape 392
Izguanice Water Ice River Torrent Piplup 393
Galaglizz Water Ice River Torrent Prinplup 394
Zubziquana Water Ice River Torrent Empoleon 395
Turguine Flying Steel Tundra Sturdy/Hyper Cutter Starly 396
Jetguing Flying Steel Tundra Sturdy/Hyper Cutter Staravia 397
Penguealth Flying Steel Tundra Sturdy/Hyper Cutter Staraptor 398
Minypus Water River Water Absorb Bidoof 399
Venotreme Water Poison River Water Absorb/Poison Point Bibarel 400
Wolfaran Bug Ice Tundra Ice Body Kricketot 401
Licarala Bug Ice Tundra Ice Body Kricketune 402
Leonolt Fire Electric Plains Static/Flash Fire Shinx 403
Learenhatt Fire Electric Plains Static/Flash Fire Luxio 404
Ampereohm Fire Electric Plains Static/Flash Fire Luxray 405
Poinseed Grass Fire Forest Budew 406
Infurnetia Grass Fire Forest Roserade 407
Dinoucan Rock Flying Hard Beak Forest Rock Head/Quick Feet Cranidos 408
Raptouka Rock Flying Hornbill Forest Rock Head/Quick Feet Rampardos 409
Protapi Rock Steel Plains Shieldon 410
Omakapai Rock Steel Plains Bastiodon 411
Larvaggot Bug Forest Burmy 412
Proliferuz (Blood Form) Bug Dark Urban Wormadam 413
Proliferuz (Berry Form) Bug Grass Forest Wormadam 413
Proliferuz (Honey Form) Bug Steel Forest Wormadam 413
Scarofagus Ground Bug Desert Mothim 414
Plasmae Bug Poison Forest Combee 415
Lilito Bug Poison Forest Vespiquen 416
Habustorm Ground Electric Desert Pachirisu 417
Atlaffin Water Flying Tundra Swift Swim Buizel 418
Benzegatol Fire Flying Ocean Oil Skin Floatzel 419
Vidichill Grass Ice Tundra Cherubi 420
Veisvine Grass Ice Tundra Cherrim 421
Bloodeech Water Poison Ocean Shellos 422
Kiropteech Water Poison Ocean Gastrodon 423
Primareal Fighting Flying Sky Warrior Urban Frenzy Ambipom 424
Jivaratza Ghost Urban Drifloon 425
Zonvodou Ghost Urban Drifblim 426
Tarrum Normal Urban Buneary 427
Maltug Normal Steel Urban Lopunny 428
Dealtember Ghost Fire Urban Mismagius 429
Graveend Dark Flying Urban Honchkrow 430
Purroll Normal Urban Glameow 431
Leoparoll Normal Dark Urban Purugly 432
Candelum Light Fire Urban Chingling 433
Roudonic Dark Forest Stunky 434
Opesttum Poison Dark Forest Skuntank 435
Predatack Steel Fighting Hunter Space Technician/Hyper Cutter Bronzor 436
Predahgon Dragon Fighting Hybrid Space Intimidate/Hyper Cutter Bronzong 437
Thoarny Rock Poison Desert Poison Point Bonsly 438
Dramagic Psychic Ghost Urban Mime Jr. 439
Bewitchy Psychic Dark Urban Happiny 440
Fantoperor Ghost Ice Urban Chatot 441
Criptookon Dragon Ghost Urban Spiritomb 442
Cestar Dragon Dark Light Space Gible 443
Hydralaxy Dragon Dark Light Space Gabite 444
Consteladon Dragon Dark Light Space Garchomp 445
Rageadoul Normal Ghost Urban Munchlax 446
Obsiline Fighting Rock Jungle Riolu 447
Jawuarrior Fighting Rock Jungle Lucario 448
Turkid Ground Forest Hippopotas 449
Ocellorkey Ground Dragon Forest Hippowdon 450
Korcenico Ground Poison Sting Desert Level Up Skorupi 451
Cyanirpius Ground Poison Scorpio Desert Drapion 452
Murdain Normal Jealous Urban Croagunk 453
Cainivia Normal Ghost Envy Urban Toxicroak 454
Donferrote Grass Steel Desert Carnivine 455
Lizark Rock Water Shark Fin Ocean Finneon 456
Sharkarus Rock Water Shark Tooth Ocean Lumineon 457
Bornoil Water Fire Boiling Mountain Mantyke 458
Botinost Grass Ice Mountain Snover 459
Chonifrosa Grass Ice Mountain Abomasnow 460
Epidenza Poison Ice Urban Weavile 461
Electrium Electric Steel Mountain Magnezone 462
Kaustrala Grass Poison Immunity Forest Chlorophyll/Poison Point Lickilicky 463
Erymantoar Steel Fire Mountain Rhyperior 464
Croconstro Grass Water Swamp Chlorophyll/Water Absorb Tangrowth 465
Smilorm Electric Steel Plains Lightningrod/Sturdy Electivire 466
Blazirit Fire Ghost Urban Magmortar 467
Homorfulus Normal ??? Urban Transmutation Togekiss 468
Dementis Bug Psychic Urban Yanmega 469
Cactortle Grass Ground Desert Leafeon 470
Glaciartle Ice Light Tundra Glaceon 471
Claminodon Flying Poison Desert Intimidate/Sniper Gliscor 472
Hyemalaya Ice Electric Tundra Ice Body/Static Mamoswine 473
Speirus 0 Electric Ghost Error Urban Porygon-Z 474
Michelus Light Steel Urban Gallade 475
Vesubloth Rock Psychic Sloth Volcano Probopass 476
Bogemonstr Dark Ghost Urban Intimidate/Stealthy Dusknoir 477
Siberecter Ice Ghost Tundra Froslass 478
Ornauble (Kettle) Ghost Water Urban Rotom 479
Ornauble (Lantern) Ghost Fire Urban Rotom 479
Ornauble (Shoe) Ghost Ground Urban Rotom 479
Ornauble (Kimono) Ghost Fighting Urban Rotom 479
Ornauble (Umbrella) Ghost Flying Urban Rotom 479
Ranima Ghost Fire Soul Underground Uxie 480
Zeukico Psychic Electric Mind Mountain Mespirit 481
Odesker Fighting Ice Body Tundra Azelf 482
Parephon Dragon Fire Monster Underground Dialga 483
Ekhimere Dragon Dark Monster Underground Palkia 484
Kofragun Steel Fire War Urban Heatran 485
Abbalordd Bug Light Mountain Regigigas 486
Noira Dragon Ghost Fate Space Giratina 487
Dismonark Flying Psychic Conquest Urban Cresselia 488
Biolomina Water Psychic Ocean Phione 489
Melacetos Water Dark Ocean Manaphy 490
Grimeeper Ghost Dark Death Urban Darkrai 491
Skoletox Poison Grass Famine Forest Shaymin 492
Deomega Dark Space Arceus 493