Pollock and Polustrial

The Polluted Oldster, Pollock

� Bio
: "Since his childhood, Pollock has been surrounded by Pollution and illnesses. His family has been the proprietor of many factories since the industrial revolution, and he has lived with them for years, along with the garbage of the industry and the plagues that these generate, but instead of succumbing to the harmful gases and the pests, Pollock developed entire immunity to them. But in contrast to his family, which they were big businessmen of the industry, Pollock had another passion, to be a trainer, and his favorite powermons were the poison-type ones , which were always close to him, since they were attracted by the dirt of the factories of his family. Pollock is one of the best trainers of Kroel, with years of experience and the amazing aptitude to be immune to the dangerous toxins of his favorite Powermons. You must not allow to be cheated for his dirty and careless appearance, Pollock is incredibly strict and of excellent manners, only that he loves pollution."


Basic InformationEdit

The 5 Powermon he use are

--Pollustrial (main) -Vermingo -Opesttum -Epidenza -Smokroach

His Gym's badge: Waste Badge

In Iron/CopperEdit

Pollock first appeared on a news report in "Houndoyle Over Troubled Waters," explaining that the blockage of the Lernaean River was damaging his economy. He has made his debut appearance in "Antidote? Anti-Don't!"; first, he battled Simon and Aang with Smokroach, Vermingo and Polustrial. The result was that Simon won the Waste Badge while Aang forfeited the battle due to outside interference leading to Momo's confusion. In "Polustrial Revolution", he battled against Ash with Vermingo, Epidenza and Polustrial, losing to Ash and giving him the Waste Badge.