Triton, Pi's Hiponea (トリトン, 瑠璃 海の子馬 Triton, Henseiseki's Umikouma) is the first Pokemon owned by Lapis Lazuli. He is voiced by Grey DeLisle in the English dub.

Triton (トリトン Triton)

Debuts in

All Roads Lead to Kroel

Caught at

Argent City




Unknown, most likely Torrent

Current Location

With Lapis Lazuli


Hiponea's first appearance was in All Roads Lead to Kroel. Pi and her friends found Hiponea on the road, having somehow escaped from Professor Parcel's lab, but when they tried to comfort him he beat them off while trying to tell them that rescuing the other Pokemon was his mission. After this, he dove into a nearby river, and later arrived at the building where the other Pokemon were held, entering through the pipe system. He proved a formidable fighter, as he was able to fend off two armed guards and their Zangoose by himself. However, he was unable to defeat the regiment of Pokemon sent after him and Lapis, and it was only through Pi's possession by Leviathide that he was saved.

Pi kept the Hiponea as her starter after the events of the episode, and has used him in many episodes since then. He was used to battle a wild Dolphind several times, in the process learning Ice Beam in Wings and Things and Hammer Arm in Tomb of the Ten Tickles.

Pi used Triton in the Battle Round of Pi's first Contest in Sparring Up a Storm. He defeated a Sealeo early on in the Battle Round, and engaged in combat with Violet's Tazminivil, Taz, in the final round later on. Unfortunately, the battle went horribly wrong when Hiponea accidentally sent Taz's Fire Blast heading for Lapis, triggering her possession by Leviathide.

Hiponea seems to be charismatic, energetic, assertive, and somewhat arrogant. He was shown to have willingly engaged in combat with Pi's Dolphind, Theseus, several times before his capture. He was also surprisingly aggressive in the first few episodes of the Iron/Copper arc, although this was toned down during his time spent with Lapis, as he was never seen attacking anyone following the events of Primigon Panic!

Moves usedEdit

Move First used
Fin Slap All Roads Lead to Kroel
Water Gun All Roads Lead to Kroel
Ice Beam Wings and Things
Hammer Arm Tomb of the Ten Tickles


  • Hiponea's name, Triton, comes from the half-man, half-fish son of Poseidon in Greek mythology.