Kroel (Japanese: クロエルチホ Krōel-chihō)) is a super-large landmass and the primary region of the Pokémon: Iron, Copper, and Bronze games, and the primary region of the Iron/Copper anime canon. It is unique in that it contains the largest number of fakemon in any fanmade regional Pokédex, with over 500 Powermon including numerous legendaries. It is so massive that it is divided into four seperate regions, and gameplay can start in any one of the four labs stationed in each of their respective starting cities.

According to the Iron/Copper anime creator and game contributor, FawkesTheSkarmory, Kroel is based on the real-life region of the United States of America.


Region IEdit

Region I is based on the real-life West Coast, and is referred to as the Western Region in the games. Most of the Powermon that originate here can be found in all other regions, although some are known to be exclusive to this region. Overall, there are 151 Powermon native to this region.


Location Analog
Newstar Town
Argent City Seattle, Washington
Cauldron City Los Angeles, California
Pupanunu City Riverside, California
Boltstrike City Las Vegas, Nevada
Jetstorm City Denver, Colorado
Lernaean River Los Angeles River
Royal Gulf Gulf of California
Mt. Parephon Mount St. Helens

Region IIEdit

Region II encompasses the entire northern quadrant of the region, and is the largest region so far. It is based on a fusion of the Rocky Mountain States and the Midwestern States, and players who start here can find 100 Powermon native to this region.


Location Analog
*starting town*
Or City Boise, Idaho
Frostbite City Helena, Monatana
Brimstone City Cheyenne, Wyoming
Metroville City Chicago, Illinois
Memorial City Cleaveland, Ohio
Loskoll Mountains Rocky Mountains
Amber Valley Yellowstone National Park

Region IIIEdit


Location Analog
*starting town*
Gules City Salt Lake City, Utah
Triassic City Phoenix, Arizona
Bedrock City Albuquerque, New Mexico
Chelicera City Austin, Texas
Piscis City New Orleans, Louisiana
Leviathan Gulf Gulf of Mexico
Kroel Safari Zone Mississippi River Delta

Region IVEdit


Location Analog
*starting town*
Sable City Boston, Massachusetts
Motown City Nashville, Tennessee
Orchid Bay City Baltimore, Maryland
Blackfall City Washington, D.C.
Ebony City New York City, New York
Frioul Island Liberty Island, New York
Malestrom Island Coney Island, New York

Region VEdit

It has been debated as to whether Darksilvania is planning to create a fifth region, to correspond to Unova (japanese: Isshu). It is highly likely, however, as there are several Powermon that he has created that are unnumbered and therefore do not correspond to any of the existing Pokémon.


  • The climate of Kroel is drastically different from that of the real-life U.S. For example, there are jungles in the southwestern region, which do not exist in reality, while some of the climate in the Northern region, particularly the Loskoll Mountains, is colder and more drastic than the real-world Rockies, possibly due to the increased altitude.
  • Region I is so far the only region to have two cities in which their real life counterparts are in the same state: Cauldron City corresponds to Los Angeles, California, while Pupanunu City corresponds to Riverside, California.
  • All of the starting cities in Kroel are named after the colors in heraldry that represent each of their respective regions. Silver (Argent) is the signature color of Region I, Or (Gold) of Region II, Gules (Red) of Region III, and Sable (Black) of Region IV.
    • Incidentally, all of these colors have been used in a version of the existing Pokémon games, as Generation V has introduced Pokémon: Black and White.

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