Error Terror! (Japanese: コンピュータ兵士! ウイルス対。ポリゴンZ! Computer Soldier! Vilus vs. PorygonZ!) is the seventh episode of the Iron/Copper anime. It was first released on February 23, 2010.

Error Terror!

Japanese Title

コンピュータ兵士! ウイルス対。ポリゴンZ! Computer Soldier! Vilus vs. PorygonZ!

First Broadcast

February 23, 2010

Preceded by

To Ember is Human

Followed by

Tomb of the Ten Tickles

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  • The Japanese title and plot are similar to the infamous original series episode, Electric Soldier Porygon. Pi also contracts a seizure during the vaccine's attack, a joking reference to the approximately 600 seizures that had been caused by the airing of the original episode.
    • Porygon and its evolutionary family also debut in the Iron/Copper also debut in this episode. According to FawkesTheSkarmory, this was meant to counteract the fact that none of them made any appearance in the existing canon since the airing of the aforementioned episode.


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