FawkesTheSkarmory, often referred to as "Fawkes," is an American-born artist on DeviantArt and one of the most influential in the fakemon community there. He is responsible for the Iron/Copper anime, and is working on his own region as a follow-up to Kroel, including evolutions and pre-evolutions of some of Darksilvania's Powermon, and fakemon designs of his own.


Fawkes first joined DeviantArt in June 2009. He was apparently an idolizer of Darksilvania from the start, since his first deviation was a fanart of his Powermon, which included some spoilers for Iron/Copper. He has since aimed to emulate Dark's feat of replacing all 493 existing Pokemon and counting, starting with the Bulbasaur replacement, Gnofu. He eventually called his own region the Gaenn region, and is planning an anime revolving around this region, where Ash is joined by Zak Saturday of The Secret Saturdays, an Avatar of a Battlemon-in-progress known as Jormidgard.

He is largely responsible for the Iron/Copper anime, written in a similar style to Tracey West's Pokemon chapter books. The first episode, All Roads Lead to Kroel, was first released on August 1, 2009. He has since introduced a wide variety of characters, including some from outside the Pokemon franchise such as Aang and Danny Phantom, as well as his own original character created exclusively for the anime, Lapis Lazuli. His Pokemon and Internet persona is Andy Tempest, another protagonist in the Iron/Copper anime who is accompanied by his faithful talking Frimbella, Zach - Frimbella is Fawkes's favorite Powermon, alongside Syrenney. Fawkes has also introduced to the anime and the community the concept of Avatars, the incarnates of Legendary Powermon and Pokemon that are simply too strong to manifest in a physical form.

Aside from Pokemon and fakemon, Andy has cultivated a diverse range of artwork, including HyBreed (inspired by Darksilvania's Fused Fauna), Digimon, How to Train Your Dragon, and even tickling art on some occasions. He spends much time on Godzilla and other daikaiju in particular, and in 2010 he officially joined the kaiju fandom using another dA account, WhiteFireRodan, where he currently houses two separate kaijuverses: Teen Titans GZ/Godzilla Resurrection, which features his own redesigns of numerous kaiju from existing franchises; and the Celestial Era, which features his own kaiju based on the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

DeviantArt user animeXboy has revealed that he is intending to create a fakemon design based on Fawkes himself, named Fawkeskarmory based on a shortening of his user name.