Add ImageThe rockin' Shocker,Ellie

Ellen "Ellie" Tempest is the fourth Gym Leader of Kroel, immediately preceding Amelia. She uses Electric Powermon.


Ellie's family is recognized in all Kroel for his long military history, but since she was a child, she never showed to be material for the milicy. In contrast whit his Sister Amelia, who is a condecorated pilot, Ellie have always been a great musician. When she was a kid, she always felt amuzed by the lights and sound of the music bands and concerts, the shine, the power, the electricity who sourrounded the air, the people screaming and the sound of the guitars and drums. So when he reached the age, insted of following the familly tradition of becoming a soldier, she formed his own Rock Band. Now, she is the leader of the most famous band in kroel. She also became a powerful trainer, despite his age. His electric powermons represent for her the power and energy she loves from her music, and battles like if she was in a concert, with all the power of a thunderstorm.