Echolocation (Japanese: ソナー Sonar) is a Kroel-exclusive ability. Seven Pokemon have this ability.

Echolocation (ソナー Sonar)

Flavor text

Tracks down the foe using sonar.


Echolocation has two effects. First, it prevents a foe from fleeing as long as the user remains in battle; if the user switches out, the affected Pokemon can switch out or flee on the next turn. Second, if a Pokemon that has Echolocation as an ability uses a move that hits an opponent, the move will always be a critical hit.

Outside of battleEdit

A Pokemon with Echolocation will encounter wild Pokemon twice as often as a normal Pokemon.

Pokémon with EcholocationEdit

# Pokémon Type Other Ability
041 Batilion Poison/Flying Impulse
042 Drampire Poison/Flying Impulse
054 Dolphind Water/Psychic
055 Cetaichic Water/Psychic
169 Dragula Poison/Dragon Impulse
339 Cavernole Ground/Dark Arena Trap
340 Subterosco Ground/Dark Arena Trap

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