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Darksilvania is the artist to which this Wiki is made for. Darksilvania is the first on DeviantART to actually replace all 493 Pokemon with his 493 Powermon. He has also worked on other projects such as his Twelve Labours and his Le Camara de Tortura.

History and BackgroundEdit

Darksilvania is a Mexican born artist on DeviantART. He started with an ink drawing called "Jolly Roger", a picture of a skull with Drawing implements in the form of the Jolly Roger pirate flag. He then continued with more artwork with more Ink Art, then his first Powermon was Brontush, the grass starter that replaces Bulbasaur. He continued with his Powermon until he got to Deomega, the Powermon that replaces Arceus.

Works other than Powermon Edit

He has done 12 warriors that correspond to the twelve labours of Heracles. They each different traits and abilities that allow them to be almost unstoppable e.g. Cerberus can not be killed but you have to destroy his soul in the Underworld to destroy him.

He has also worked on evolutions of existing Pokemon with inscenses and items he invented