A young man with russet-brown skin and green eyes addresses Andy Tempest in Antidote? Anti-Don't! while the latter is looking for the Cauldron City gym at Pollock and Sons headquarters.

Character HistoryEdit

Antidote? Anti-Don't!Edit

As Andy expresses consternation about failing to find the Cauldron City gym, the stranger taps him on the shoulder and provides directions to Ash's group. Later, he says something to Andy that somewhat unnerves the latter.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"It's a dangerous world out there, Andy. Be careful, my friend, and remember that the gods will be there for you whenever you most need them."


Immediately before they part ways, the stranger's eyes flash red for a brief second and he seems to know Andy by name, despite them never having met previously. His reassurance that "the gods" will protect them seems to hint that he is not all he seems...