Avatar: Derived from the term Avatāra (Devanagari अवतार, Sanskrit for "descent", as in from heaven to earth), this term refers to any human chosen to be a spiritual vessel of any legendary Pokémon or Powermon. Such a human has access to immense powers, typically an earthly manifestation of the true abilities of the legendary. Although the original Sanskrit term more properly translates to "manifestation" or "appearance", in the context of the Pokémon: Iron and Copper canon, it refers to an incarnation of the Legendary.


Reason for ExistenceEdit

Originally, it was thought that the primary functions of the avatars were to encourage peace and harmony among humans and Pokémon alike, and to provide a link between the human and spiritual planes. However, it is more likely that the avatar form was initially created as a means to control and focus the powers of Legendary Pokémon, many of which are too powerful to be allowed to roam freely on our plane. Whether it is due to their pivotal role in nature or their sheer spiritual strength, many legendaries, if they were to walk the earth, would accidentally inflict unimaginably destructive power. For example, the trio of legendaries known as the Dominion Triad (comprised of Zizclone, Leviathide, and Trehemorth) were forcibly sealed because of their raw energy and their intentions of using it. Synchronization with a human body not only enables the legendary to understand humans and their Pokémon better, but also to enable continuation of their reign over their dominant elements without causing undue damage to the world; this is because the human body can only do so much as a catalyst for such powers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Typically, fully realized Avatars possess most of these powers. It must be noted that these powers are the result of the direct channeling of the Legendary Pokémon's spirit into the human Avatar body. Most of the Avatars seen so far have not fully awakened, practiced, or consciously exerted these abilities, so this list can be considered as a theoretical limit.

  • Superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, durability, and regeneration (the extent of which varies depending on the Avatar's legendary incarnate)
  • Superhuman senses (again, varies among Avatars)
  • Access to all the Legendary Pokémon's abilities and moves, as well as control over the respective Legendary's elements, powers, and abilities dependent on the Legendary (e.g. Zizclone's avatar has the ability to control the winds and weather, whereas Dialga's avatar can control time)
  • Heightened spiritual awareness, including ability to see clearly through the Mist
  • Ability to communicate, both physically and mentally, with other Pokémon (and by extension, other Avatars, but only those of whom they acknowledge their existence)
  • Ability to sense Aura (again, varies among Avatars)

List of current AvatarsEdit

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