Artie and Polanoir

The Waking Blizzard, Artie

Bio: "Since ever, Artie has been fascinated with the cold. since he was young, he left his home and traveled towards the cold north of Kroel, where he made his home between the snow and the ice. He learned to live together with the Arctic and to understand everything what happens in, including the powermons, with who always have coexisted. So, Artie, guided by his love for the cold and snowy north of Kroel, turned into an excellent explorer and trainer of ice-type powermons. It is said that there is no thing nor powermon in the Arctic that he doesnt know. Artie also is recognized as an amazing mountaineer, skier and skater. His attitude is usually unconcerned and simple most of the time, but at the moment of a battle, it is incredibly passionate and of cold minded, a care opponent." --Darksilvania

Basic InformationEdit

The 5 Powermon he use are:

--Polanoir (main) -Hyemalaya -Narvharil -Elephoreal -Glaciartle

His gym's badge: The Artic badge �